No one likes you when you're 23

I am very much at a cross roads in life right now. 

I'm at the difficult age of 23- the age where no one likes you and, in my case I'm not even sure if I like myself right now.

I still go 'out out' (for want of a better phrase) most weeks but in the back of my mind I'm starting to think I should be taking life a little more seriously. Truth is, I don't know how to stop. I don't mean that I'm an alcoholic, I know my limits. But that I'm addicted to the thrill of it all, of not knowing who you'll meet in the toilets and bond with, of watching the sunset as you make your way home with glazed eyes, of waking up the next day hangover-free and feeling ridiculously smug.

But I think that also makes me kinda boring.

In 50 years time I don't think my Grand-kids will care to hear about how I raced a stranger by shunting our chairs across the bar floor on Saturday night (a legit thing that happened last weekend) I want to be able to tell them stories that they can repeat for centuries after... I feel like being boring is one of the very worst things to be and something that most people are afraid of being.

At the moment Jake and I are in talks about moving to Canada for a year or so, something that will take a great deal of time to save for and will also mean that I need to turn my back on the weekly nights out and focus.

But maybe Canada will be where I find my stories to tell. 

Caitlin x

(P.S I took these photos on a recent trip to Haworth, if you're ever in West Yorkshire it's a must visit!)