Trying something new at The Cocktail Experience, Leeds

Since it became legal for me to drink five(!) years ago I've tried a fair amount of different alcoholic drinks, ranging from the somewhat deadly Wray Nephews to the less offensive Mojito before finally settling as strictly a cider drinker (Angry Orchard is my cider of choice fyi & it's gluten free!!!). I certainly feel like as I've grown older I've become way less inclined to stray from what I know. Last Tuesday evening I popped along to a press and blogger event in anticipation of 'The Cocktail Experience' a little unsure of whether there would be something there for a cider-lover like myself!

The Cocktail Experience is an event being held on the 3rd of March at the impressive central Leeds venue, Aspire. For one night 18 local bars and their mixologists will be all under one roof at your disposal. As I mentioned, I have become someone who tends to stick to what they know when it comes to alcohol and that also goes hand in hand with going to the same bars. However, as nice as it is to have a local place you feel at ease in it's equally as nice to discover new haunts and that's what I feel The Cocktail Experience is all about.

Although at the press event there was just a snippet of what is to come I definitely have discovered some new favourite bars that I am itching to visit already.

Highlights of the night for myself were:

These guys had perhaps one of the smaller drinks menus that I came across that evening but really packed a punch with their Game Of Thrones inspired whisky-based cocktail. I'm also pretty keen to try the food in the restaurant as it looks i n s a n e.

Jakes Bar make their own homemade liqueurs and distillates in their very own 30 litre copper pot still. Their offering of the night- Ruby was super sweet without being sickly and once I discovered it was homemade it tasted even better.

Be At One have an absolutely huge drinks menu- something like 150-160 drinks! They also have a really useful way of choosing a drink if you find it difficult- you essentially pick your size, type, spirit and flavour preference on a wheel on the menu. You can even do this online here and decide what you'd like to try in advance of your visit if you like to be a (wo)man with a plan.

If you're a cocktail connoisseur or like myself you're looking to try something new I would highly recommend giving The Cocktail Experience a visit! You can purchase tickets for the upcoming Leeds event here.

Caitlin x