Happy New Year! | The Lomo'Instant Milano

It's been longer than I care to admit since I last posted. I find the festive period quite stressful. Work is busier, town is harder to navigate and then there's the added pressure of trying to find perfect gifts for everyone without bankrupting yourself. So I took some time out from everything over December. From writing, from socialising, from anything other than work, sleep and repeat. But now, a few weeks into 2017, I can feel my motivation slowly coming back to me.

I figured that most people would be kind of over the 'New Years Resolutions' posts so instead thought I would introduce one of my Christmas presents from Jake- The Lomo'Instant Milano. Lomography are a brand I am familiar with- I also own a Diana Mini 35mm film camera from them but I had no idea they were creating instant cameras until I opened this up on Christmas day...

The Lomo'Instant is so unlike any other instant camera I've seen. It includes a built in wide-angle lens and then three attachments- a fish-eye lens, a portrait lens and a close up lens. It also includes colour gel filters which you can put over your flash to create a tonal effect. If you're the type who loves a good selfie it even has a small mirror on the camera so you can see yourself and take that perfect photo straight away without having to waste your precious film on trying to work out the right angle.

I know for most people the joy in having an instant camera is that it is easy to get instant results but I like that the Lomo'Instant is different in that it has several different settings and that it takes a little figuring out first! My first photo was pretty abysmal but I'm getting better at understanding how to take a good photo with each shot. The Lomo'Instant also has a long exposure setting so I'm pretty excited to have a go at light-painting and taking photos at night!

I hope you've all had a great start to 2017. I'm going to try and post about once a week and hopefully get that back up to 2/3 times a week. But for now it's baby steps! Thanks for sticking with me!

Caitlin x