A day trip to the city of York, North Yorkshire

Admittedly, these photos are a couple of seasons out of date. When I decided to restart my blog I had actually already shot quite a lot of content and I knew that I didn't want it (and sharing my trip to York!) to go to waste. So if you're confused as to why you can spot greenery when it's definitely no longer summer here in England than that is why!


Jake and I visit York all the time. Being relatively local to the area we have the medieval walled city at our disposal but something we're hugely guilty of is sticking to the same areas and shops and not really exploring. We almost take the fact that we are so close to this beautiful city for granted. One day we were brainstorming ideas of something to do when I suggested we head to York with our respective cameras in tow and pretend to be tourists for the day. I think sometimes a camera can really help you to stop and take a look at something with a completely different set of eyes, it can help you to seek out points of interest and beauty in places you might otherwise of missed entirely.

One of my favourite discoveries of the day was a street named Fossgate. So close to the areas I frequent but somewhere I have never been or even noticed before despite the huge frigging sign! Fossgate is lined with independent shops, bars and eateries. It's basically my dream street, I absolutely love discovering indies.

A couple of places we visited were Give The Dog A Bone- a gift shop and home of the awesome My Neighbour Totoro cushion and Fossgate Books which was two floors of the most beautiful secondhand books and a place I could have easily spent hours in. You can find more information about Fossgate here.

I'm pretty confident when I say that our day of exploration was a success! Since this day out I've really tried to pay attention to my surroundings a lot more, it can be so easy to take your hometown/areas close to you for granted but you never really know what could be on your doorstep if you simply paid attention a little more.


Some other York gems I recommend; 

Caitlin x


  1. I absolutely love York it's only 1Hour or so away but it's so lovely in all weathers and your photos are amazing great post lovely! Melishiascorner.wordpress.com x

  2. It's such a lovely city isn't it! Thankyou so much! That means a lot! x

  3. Oh these pictures are so sweet, it looks like the lovliest little spot! Your posts are always so lovely, keep doing what you do pretty lady! x


    1. First of all my apoligies for such a belated reply! Thankyou so much! That means a lot tome! I hope to start posting regularly again now! Hope you had a great Christmas & New Year! :) x