Whitby holds a plethora of childhood memories for me. Not all of them are great- I suffered quite badly with car sickness when I was younger so I could never quite make the trip to Whitby without throwing up. It was always worth that awful car journey there though and despite my nausea that first sight of the North Sea always sparked excitement. At 23, I've more or less grown out of the car sickness but I'm not sure I've grown out of the excitement of visiting a British seaside town for the day.


  Similar to our trip to York which I shared last week Jake and I took along our cameras to try and capture as much of our day as possible. It was probably one of the last vaguely warm days we had before Autumn well and truly took hold. In my opinion we couldn't have picked a better day- the sky was a clear, perfect blue and the coastal wind wasn't too harsh. We arrived quite late in the day from what I can remember so didn't spend too much time in Whitby town centre, simply wandering through to start our ascent of the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey, famously known for inspiring Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.

We decided not to go into the actual abbey ruins but did get to admire them from the graveyard of the Church of St Mary, a beautiful place to visit in itself with one of the most epic cliff-top views. There's also something eerily beautiful about the huge gravestones mottled from centuries of being lashed by the sea salt addled air.

After all that walking it only made sense that we stopped off for traditional British fish and chips. We visited The Magpie which is quite possibly the best fish and chips in Whitby. It nearly always has a huge queue for both the takeaway and cafe so we were prepared for a wait but by some stroke of luck we managed to only have to wait about 5 minutes for a seat. I didn't manage to get any photos of my food as I was so so hungry by the time it arrived but I'm sure you all are more than aware of what fish and chips look like! After our late lunch we realised we hadn't actually been on the beach yet so we headed to the pier to take yet more photos and relish in the 'golden hour'.

We didn't spend long on the pier. Don't laugh, but I'm actually afraid of it. Specifically, I'm afraid of heights and deep water and as the gaps of the wood plank flooring are quite large you can spot the sea below. It's basically a huge nope from me but if you're brave enough I would recommend walking the full length of it for dramatic views. Maybe next time I visit I will conquer my fear... We left the pier and headed down to the beach. As it was getting quite late we had the whole beach to ourselves (aside from the gulls) and even though it was no longer warm we decided to walk along it barefoot, taking in the quickly disappearing sun.

When the moon appeared, however we decided to call it a day and head back home.

Caitlin x

Have you visited Whitby before? What's your favourite thing about British seaside towns? 

A day trip to the city of York, North Yorkshire

Admittedly, these photos are a couple of seasons out of date. When I decided to restart my blog I had actually already shot quite a lot of content and I knew that I didn't want it (and sharing my trip to York!) to go to waste. So if you're confused as to why you can spot greenery when it's definitely no longer summer here in England than that is why!


Jake and I visit York all the time. Being relatively local to the area we have the medieval walled city at our disposal but something we're hugely guilty of is sticking to the same areas and shops and not really exploring. We almost take the fact that we are so close to this beautiful city for granted. One day we were brainstorming ideas of something to do when I suggested we head to York with our respective cameras in tow and pretend to be tourists for the day. I think sometimes a camera can really help you to stop and take a look at something with a completely different set of eyes, it can help you to seek out points of interest and beauty in places you might otherwise of missed entirely.

One of my favourite discoveries of the day was a street named Fossgate. So close to the areas I frequent but somewhere I have never been or even noticed before despite the huge frigging sign! Fossgate is lined with independent shops, bars and eateries. It's basically my dream street, I absolutely love discovering indies.

A couple of places we visited were Give The Dog A Bone- a gift shop and home of the awesome My Neighbour Totoro cushion and Fossgate Books which was two floors of the most beautiful secondhand books and a place I could have easily spent hours in. You can find more information about Fossgate here.

I'm pretty confident when I say that our day of exploration was a success! Since this day out I've really tried to pay attention to my surroundings a lot more, it can be so easy to take your hometown/areas close to you for granted but you never really know what could be on your doorstep if you simply paid attention a little more.


Some other York gems I recommend; 

Caitlin x

October '16

Hello, hello long time no speak. On my previous blog I would write up a monthly catch up post. I knew I wanted to carry this on to Laced Thrills as it was like a little personal diary however it's taken me longer to get this up then I would have liked. I usually like to post my catch ups on the 1rst of each month but to be honest I've been struggling with the dreaded m-word. (Motivation)
October has been a strange little month. I found myself becoming inexplicably lugubrious and found that my OCD had begun to weigh down on me again in a way that I hadn't felt in a while. I think I may write a post on my OCD in the future but for now I will keep it short. Essentially for me it makes me struggle to do simple tasks because I don't feel like I'm doing them 'right' I will do things over and over again because otherwise it makes me feel panicky. Sometimes I will struggle to even get up. Towards the end of the month I began to slowly lift myself out of the clutches of OCD but of course it was sods law that I would catch a stomach bug making it difficult for me to eat- not fun for a girl who really likes her food! 
Despite my personal struggles I've still tried my best to enjoy what is usually one of my favourite months and seasons. I got my hair refreshed and am considering a burgundy dip dye for the winter, made the most incredible Nutella and sea-salt cookies and got into the Halloween spirit by carving a pumpkin and binge-watching Scream Queens. These all might seem like quite trivial things but I'm all for self-care and doing the little things to help you on your way to feeling better.

How was your October? Would you like me to write a post on OCD?

Caitlin x