Welcome to Lace Thrills 2.0- Laced Thrills! And why I deleted my old blog

(Photo taken by Matt McCormick)

Hello everyone! After a short hiatus I am back! I recently made what seemed to be a crazy decision and deleted my old blog, Lace thrills. For almost three years Lace Thrills had been my baby, my hobby and my second (payless) job. I had loved creating content for my small following, sharing my personal thoughts, my favourite beauty products and more recently dabbling in fashion. But I had also begun to feel that a huge concept change was needed in order for me to move ahead with my blog. I felt that Lace Thrills was too stuck in 2014 and at times I really disliked my content. I was finding it difficult to motivate myself to post anymore. 

For some time I had been toying with the idea of changing my blog to reflect my love of sneakers- if you follow me on my various social media channels or you kept up with my previous blogs series 'A Sneaker A Week' then I'm sure you will have got the gist that I'm a massive 'Sneakerhead' I was also inspired by the growing female Sneakerhead community and really wanted my personal blog to represent that part of me more. I had originally decided to slowly transition my old blog to focus on sneakers however me being the perfectionist I am I felt that the new content I wanted to post and the old content I had didn't mesh well together and so Laced Thrills was born!

So what can you expect from me? I will still be posting lifestyle and beauty content similar to my old blog but I will also now be sharing the latest sneaker drops and news, my sneaker collection (A Sneaker A Week will be back!) my personal style and so much more. I'm so excited for this new chapter in my blogging career and this is genuinely the first time I have felt positive about writing in a really really long time. 

Let me know your thoughts on this change as I am always open to feedback.

Caitlin x


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