Sneaker News this week 21/09/16

With Autumn well and truly underway and Winter just around the corner there's been an influx of darker and more muted colourways recently. The standout recent release for me of maybe even this entire year has to be the Nike Beautiful X Powerful collection which has a hugely inspiring story behind it. Released on October 6th it features the Air Max Thea, the Air Huarache (a personal favourite!), the Air Presto and the Classic Cortez all in stunning triple black stretch leather- a real rarity for us females! Read the incredible story behind the collection here as I feel it's written far better than I could do it justice. It's during these strange times of misogynists running for president and 'mennists' on Twitter telling us to hold our periods in (yes, really!) that remembering these stories becomes so important- to remind us that we are always capable of far more than we or others think.

Other noteworthy sneakers this week- 

  • I've been having a moment with the Reebok Club C 85 Indoor particularly in the navy colourway.   The mixture of the suede upper and gum outsole is what all my sneaker texture dreams are made of. 

  • I'm also obsessing over blush tones this Autumn, particularly this tonal pair of Converse All Star Lows which is totally a basic blogger sneaker but hey it has rose gold flippin' eyelets.

I hope you've all had an amazing week.

 Caitlin x

Welcome to Lace Thrills 2.0- Laced Thrills! And why I deleted my old blog

(Photo taken by Matt McCormick)

Hello everyone! After a short hiatus I am back! I recently made what seemed to be a crazy decision and deleted my old blog, Lace thrills. For almost three years Lace Thrills had been my baby, my hobby and my second (payless) job. I had loved creating content for my small following, sharing my personal thoughts, my favourite beauty products and more recently dabbling in fashion. But I had also begun to feel that a huge concept change was needed in order for me to move ahead with my blog. I felt that Lace Thrills was too stuck in 2014 and at times I really disliked my content. I was finding it difficult to motivate myself to post anymore. 

For some time I had been toying with the idea of changing my blog to reflect my love of sneakers- if you follow me on my various social media channels or you kept up with my previous blogs series 'A Sneaker A Week' then I'm sure you will have got the gist that I'm a massive 'Sneakerhead' I was also inspired by the growing female Sneakerhead community and really wanted my personal blog to represent that part of me more. I had originally decided to slowly transition my old blog to focus on sneakers however me being the perfectionist I am I felt that the new content I wanted to post and the old content I had didn't mesh well together and so Laced Thrills was born!

So what can you expect from me? I will still be posting lifestyle and beauty content similar to my old blog but I will also now be sharing the latest sneaker drops and news, my sneaker collection (A Sneaker A Week will be back!) my personal style and so much more. I'm so excited for this new chapter in my blogging career and this is genuinely the first time I have felt positive about writing in a really really long time. 

Let me know your thoughts on this change as I am always open to feedback.

Caitlin x